"Fresh Hand-Crafted Gifts from our Farm"

Cypress Magnolia Collection

Combining the fresh hues of magnolia leaves and gold tipped cedars this Cypress Magnolia Collection provides a festive and vibrant look that catches the eye. Adorn your front door with a swag or stocking giving your friends and family a warm welcome this holiday season! A Cypress Magnolia Centerpiece pulls this look together and creates a welcoming accent for any room in your home.
  · Cut fresh from the farm daily
  · Made by hand in the USA
  · Beautiful packaging
  · Care instructions included with each product
All fresh designs are handmade on our farm. Each piece will vary slightly in size due to the natural materials used.
Cypress Magnolia Collection includes:
Swag: 24" or 32"
Centerpiece: 10" wide by 8" high
Stocking: 24" tall by 10" wide with greenery
Cypress Magnolia Swag
Style #: AGMS702
Price: $59.00 - $79.00
Cypress Magnolia Centerpiece
Style #: AGC702
Price: $59.00
Cypress Magnolia Stocking
Style #: AGS702
Price: $89.00
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