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Budding Spring Wreath

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Brighten your home with this beautiful pastel dried wreath. Fragrant lavender coupled with roses, hydrangeas, protea, and integrifolia combine to create this vibrant spring design. Perfect for your mantle or favorite wall space, this wreath brings a refreshing feel to any area of your home.
If hung securely, your dried design will become a permanent home accent piece. When not on display we recommend storing your wreath in the sturdy two piece box provided. Be sure to place in a temperature controlled room.
Beautiful copper and green stems grown on our farm are used to create a beautiful magnolia base of rich green and velvet leaves. Dried in our barn and then lightly coated with a verdant green hue to give the wreath a natural and fresh look all year round.
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Budding Spring Wreath
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Spring is in the air
Verified Buyer
There isn't a wreath you want to be without. This one gives you a lift when the weather is on the chilly side and the clouds have darkened your day. I've had many of the Magnolia Wreaths and haven't found one I don't like. This one hangs in my living room and is admired by all who enter into my home.
Dear Jane,
Everyone here on our Magnolia Team appreciates your kind words and it makes us smile knowing that our handmade wreath brings a bit of joy to your home. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you!
Perfect Gift
Verified Buyer
I sent the budding spring wreath as a thank you gift to one of my son's friend's families who let him stay with them over spring break. Not knowing the family very well and knowing they have a fabulous house and decor, I wanted something unique and tasteful. I got a thank you note - saying they LOVED IT and have it hanging in the kitchen!! I also love the lacquer wreaths - I have one hanging in my house year round!
Hello Carrie-
Thank you for kind word in the review. We appreciate your business.
The Budding Spring Wreath is a brand new product. We are so very delighted to hear that our attention to detail has been able to meet your expectations. This is such a beautiful design and sure to fit any décor.
We look forward to serving you again in the future.
Kindest Regards,
The Magnolia Company
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