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Seawashed Lacquer Wreath

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Bring in some peace and serenity to your space with this wreath that brings to mind the tranquil and quiet waters of the sea. Handmade on the farm from our fresh magnolia stems that we dry and then lacquer in glossy vibrant colors. This wreath will last many years and can be hung indoors or outdoors in all types of sunlight. Please avoid direct moisture.
  · Cut fresh from farm, dried in barn & coated with a vibrant color
  · Made by hand in the USA
  · Beautifully packaged
Grown with much care and attention to the needs of each magnolia tree on our magnolia farm in Florida. All stems and branches are hand selected and cut for premium color and freshness. Our team of artisans then create the magnolia wreath base and place it in our refurbished tobacco dryer. These wreaths are carefully monitored and removed at the optimal time for texture and style and then coated with a vibrant color for your front door décor.
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Seawashed Lacquer Wreath
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Beautiful for a beach house or home with a beach theme but VERY FRAGILE
Verified Buyer
I ordered two of these. One arrived damaged and when someone accidently bumped up against it, it practically disentegrated b/c the lacquer makes these wreaths as delicate as paper-thin glass. The 2nd one I'm hanging where there's less foot traffic. It also arrived damaged (broken pieces and brown coming through). I doubt these will last more than a summer so not a great investment and there's no way I can store them without destroying them so again, not a great investment. NOTE if you are able to be really finicky about its placement and manage not to break any pieces make sure you keep the box even if it's filthy it's the only way you'll be able to store it. b/c we use the bag wreath storage option and this wreathe would never survive just a bag, it is that delicate.
Dear Ms. Rueda
Thank you for completing a review, your feedback is important to us. We encourage all of our customers to contact us directly to let us know about any damaged products, questions or concerns and make to right. I am sorry to that these beautiful wreaths were received in a damaged condition. We understand the value of your time and money. Our team strives to make sure that these products are received in perfect condition. I encourage you to contact us directly so we may discuss the options of repair or replacement. We go through great lengths in preparing and packaging each order to make sure they are beautiful. And unfortunately, sometimes that is still not enough when it comes to situations like your order.
Boxes and packaging materials are a very important part of the process to protect our products and we are always looking for better ways to protect our shipments. We have recently redesigned and reengineered our boxes which is a great aesthetic improvement and also a more protective box. The boxes for the lacquered wreaths are in fact several grade levels higher then the other boxes. They are made of thicker, more dense material to try and help with the protection in shipping, but also they intended to keep the wreaths for storage. The wreaths should be placed back in these boxes, stored in a flat position, in a cool and dry area.
Thank you for choosing our company to serve you and thank you again for reaching out to us to let us know about this damaged items. Again, I am sorry for the product to have been received so damaged and we will be sharing this feedback with our shipping partner.
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