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Seawashed Lacquer Wreath

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Bring in some peace and serenity to your space with this wreath that brings to mind the tranquil and quiet waters of the sea. Handmade on the farm from our fresh magnolia stems that we dry and then lacquer in glossy vibrant colors. This wreath will last many years and can be hung indoors or outdoors in all types of sunlight. Please avoid direct moisture.
  · Cut fresh from farm, dried in barn & coated with a vibrant color
  · Made by hand in the USA
  · Beautifully packaged
Harvest - Grown with much care and attention to the needs of each magnolia tree. All stems and branches are hand selected and cut for premium color and freshness. The wreaths are then dried in our barn and coated with a vibrant color for your unique decor needs.
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Seawashed Lacquer Wreath
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