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Season's Bounty Holiday Centerpiece

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Welcome this Holiday Season with this gorgeous magnolia mantelpiece. Bring on the bright red pomegranates, hydrangeas, berries and yarrow with a mingling of orange quince and vibrant green canella berries. Set the stage for this Season's bounty with beautiful magnolia fresh cut off the family farm to form this stunning holiday magnolia decoration. Also works well as a centerpiece.
Our magnolia mantelpieces are made from fresh magnolia stems and will begin the drying process as it is exposed to different elements of temperature and humidity. It will maintain its shape and style for years but the leaves will change in color to a lighter shade of green.
* Depending on temperature you can expect the following drying times:
  · 75-78 degrees indoor: 7-10 days
* Keep out of direct moisture and sunlight. Once dried, your wreath can be used for future seasons. We recommend removing any fresh greens (cedars and firs) and then place in the sturdy two piece gift box provided. Be sure to place in a temperature controlled room.
Harvest Method - Grown with much care and attention to needs of each tree. All stems and branches are hand selected and cut for premium color and freshness.
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Season's Bounty Holiday Centerpiece
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Make my table gorgeous!
Verified Buyer
another fabulous piece by Magnolia Wreath! Arrived in beautiful presentation (and storage) box and the gift recipient was thrilled.
Hello Marie -
Thank you for your recent purchase. We appreciate your business.
We are always proud to hear that our dedication to excellence has been able to meet our customers' expectations. Thank you for allowing us to be a part our special holiday gift.
Wishing you and your family a holiday season and the entire year filled with love, laughter happiness, and peace.
The Perfect Gift
Verified Buyer
You have provided the perfect gift for my mother! My elderly mother downsized to a garden home a number of years ago. She fondly remembers and greatly misses the big, beautiful, magnolia that grew in the front yard of my childhood home. It was a beloved, gorgeous, stately tree and we always decorated our home with fresh cut magnolia. People on the street would even stop by to ask for clippings and, as visiting adult children, we would take some home for our own decorating. Alas, that magnificent tree is gone now. The day your box arrived, I was not at “Mama’s house” but she was on the phone with me. Before she could even get the box opened she exclaimed “I smell magnolia”! There was not so much as a bent leaf in your excellent, secure packaging which did require a helper to unpack it for her. (Perhaps, in the future, you could add some unboxing instructions on the exterior of the package?) The spectacular centerpiece was placed on her rectangular coffee table in the room where she most often sits so that she can look down on this beautiful, well-crafted arrangement. It was truly well done! The lovely, unblemished, leaves are meticulously arranged and the pops of red pomegranates, berries, and other nature-inspired materials create a stunning composition on the alternating green and bronze magnolia leaves! I sent my mother your website farm photos and your story which she thoroughly enjoyed seeing and reading. It made the gift that much more special to her knowing that it came directly from your family farm to her. We have never before seen so many beautiful magnolias in one place! I look forward to showing her your, wonderful but too short, website video when I next visit her. She will love seeing that. This beautiful gift delighted Mama and her smiles are priceless to us! Thanks ever so much for putting your love and care into your work. I can’t wait to order something for myself!
Dear Ms. Steneck-
Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful and touching story. Our hearts are truly touched to know that we can bring joy and happiness into your Mother's home .
It is so nice to walk down memory lane. We wish that time could somehow reverse, but it moves forward and before you know it we find ourselves old and gray. We often sit in silent allowing the memories to take us back to where we came from before we got "here". All of us have warm gentle memories that stay in our hearts and no matter how much time passes, these memories never leave or fall apart. As we think about what helped us get to where we are today, time has moved on again, and today is now yesterday and we face a whole new day.
I am beyond delighted to know that we can have you and your mom share a wonderful memory together. I can picture you holding her hands with love and comfort as you shared the stories of "that house" and the magnolia tree, and your mom remembering when she could still hold you in her lap, or how you would help her gather the magnolia leaves to decorate when you were younger.
Yes, our small family owned and operated farm takes great pride in each detail from the harvesting all the way to delivering to your door. We will take your feedback with "de-packaging" instructions into account and may discuss further with our packaging company .
Wishing you and your family a holiday season filled with more joy, love, laughter, and memories.
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