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Return Policies
We at the Magnolia Company hope you have enjoyed your experience with our magnolias. Because of the perishable nature of our merchandise, if for some reason you are unsatisfied with your product, you have 48 hours in which to return or give us a call about that item. At that time we will either replace the product or issue a credit.

Damaged Shipment
If your package has been damaged in shipping, please call us and we will contact one of our carriers that was used to ship the item. We will either replace the item or send you new focal points to replace the ones that were damaged. In some instances the carrier will come and inspect the damaged package. Please keep the original packaging. Please note that all wreaths are secured when leaving our facilities to ensure that minimal leaf damage is achieved. Each item is made by hand, leaf by leaf, and extra leaves are added in the occurrence that some are loosened off the wreath in shipping. This is very common and is not constituted damaged. However, if you are not satisfied for whatever reason, please notify us and we will gladly replace the item or issue a credit as long as it falls within 48 hours of receipt of merchandise.

We desire to provide you with the best possible service - you can cancel your order at anytime prior to shipping. However, if your gift is en route or delivered, we will be unable to cancel the order.

Delivery by FedEx® and UPS
If you selected ground delivery for your gift, we can cancel your order up to five days prior to the delivery date. If you selected 2-Day delivery for your gift, we can cancel your order up to four days prior to the delivery date. If you selected Next Day, Morning delivery or Saturday delivery for your gift, we can cancel your order up to three days prior to the delivery date. Please call 800-880-4662 to cancel your order.

Irregularities in Product
Each and every one of our items we carry are created by hand of nature’s finest materials. It is our intention with our products to replicate what has been shown on our web-site. Hopefully the item you have selected has exceeded your expectation. However, each leaf is different as there are no two trees alike; therefore, there are slight variations in color and texture (as there is in nature) Thank goodness!!! When your magnolia wreath dries it goes through a drying cycle where the leaves are changing colors. Please be patient through this process! You may notice a mottled look. This is because the leaves are drying at different rates. This is totally normal. Once this drying cycle is completed you will have a beautiful dried wreath. Enjoy!!


Unlike all other fresh cut decorations, instead of dying – they will be drying. All Magnolia Company products are beautiful, unique home accent pieces once the drying sequence has completed. We do not worry about shedding needles like the majority of the products on the market today, because all of our beautiful leaves and stems dry into a home accent piece that adds a touch of holiday warmth and a natural element into our client’s living spaces. In fact, we have many corporate resort clients like the Four Seasons Hotel that use our leaves and stems in their hotel lobbies. Our products compose a natural feel to the interiors – and with no shedding needles. Some of the pieces that we have hanging on our walls are over four years old and are still classic beauties.

Listed below are conditional responses that our magnolia wreaths exhibit under different levels of sunlight exposure. To extend the life of our products, our decorations should always be displayed out of direct moisture.

  • Out of direct sunlight, the green leaves will stay a light green color fading to a pastel green as time progresses
  • In direct sunlight the green side of the leaves will change to sandstone brown to rusty brown over time.


At the present time we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express

Thank you for visiting our web-site. We hope you have found something of interest. If you are interested in sending multiple gifts, please look at our section under Corporate Gifts. You will find an additional 20% off prices when ordering 10 or more.


All items ship directly from our farm. Wreaths & mantelpieces are secured and shipped UPS or Fed Ex. For faster service a $15 additional charge per address is possible and will apply.


Q. What will the product look like once it dries?
The leaves will change their color depending on the intensity of sunlight and heat. None of the leaves will shed but rather dry into a beautiful home accent decoration for all seasons.

Q. How long will the wreath last?
A magnolia wreath will last for a minimum of 4 years if cared for appropriately. Those items which are seasonal are best for one season only. It can remain on the wall inside your home or placed in the Magnolia Company box and stored in a cool dry place once the drying cycle is completed.

Q. Can I spray it with water to extend the shelf life?
A magnolia wreath does best if hung out of direct sunlight. Spraying it with water will not extend the shelf life. In fact it will damage the wreath. A little misting on the boxwood would be beneficial.

Q. How will it come packaged to my home?
The Magnolia Company products are shipped in a quality Magnolia Company box along with a watercolored care card, and if a gift, a gift card. Your box should be kept for future storage of the wreath.

Q. Can I send these as gifts with a gift message?

Q. Are gift certificates available?
Yes. Please contact our office at 1-800-880-4662


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