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Frequently Asked Questions

What will the product look like once it dries?

The leaves will change their color depending on the intensity of sunlight and heat. None of the leaves will shed but rather dry into a beautiful home accent decoration for all seasons. More information on Care & Handling.

How long will the wreath last?

A fresh original Magnolia wreath will last for a minimum of 4 years if cared for appropriately. You can choose to keep the live magnolia wreath on a wall inside your home or place in a Magnolia Company box and store in a cool dry place once the drying cycle is complete. Those wreath styles accented with cedars, boxwood and evergreens shed as they dry and are a more seasonal item.

How long will a dried wreath last?

A dried Magnolia wreath is lightly coated with a rich green hue and will last for a minimum of 5 years if cared for appropriately. We recommend displaying your dried wreath indoors because of the delicate nature of the leaves. We also encourage you to handle your dried design gently if moving from one location to another.

Can I spray it with water to extend the shelf life?

A magnolia wreath does best if hung out of direct sunlight. Spraying it with water will not extend the shelf life. In fact it will damage the wreath. A little misting on the boxwood would be beneficial.

How will it come packaged to my home?

The Magnolia Company products are shipped in a Quality Magnolia Company box along with a watercolored care card, and if a gift, a gift card. Your box should be kept for future storage of the wreath.

Can I reuse my fresh garland?

The magnolia leaf is fragile when dried and since garlands are created without a base form we do not recommend storing them for future use.

Can I send these as gifts with a gift message?


Are gift certificates available?

Yes. You may purchase gift certificates on our website here. You may also contact our office at 1-800-880-4662 or