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Care & Handling

Our Fresh Magnolia Designs are hand-made leaf by leaf from our family farm in Florida. The fresh wreaths, swags, mantelpieces and garlands begin their aging process once shipped. All our products dry naturally once hung or displayed. Once dry, you may choose to store in the sturdy box provided for future use, but be sure to discard any fresh greenery.

To prolong their freshness keep away from sunlight, moisture and heat sources.

Original Magnolia Wreath
Original Magnolia Wreath
Dried at 4 Weeks
The Drying Sequence
Depending on temperature you can expect the following drying times:
Cold Environments
33-45 degrees
4-5 weeks
Cool Environments
45-70 degrees
2-3 weeks
Warm Environments
Approx. 70+ degrees
10-14 days
All temperatures listed are in Fahrenheit. Keep out of direct moisture and sunlight. Avoid freezing temperatures.
Original Magnolia Garland
Naturally Dried - 1 Month

Garlands are to be used for one season only and cannot be stored.

Dried Garland Across Mantel
Dried Wreath Hanging on Mirror
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