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In the 1800's, Jeremiah Underhill came to Florida as a farmer. From that time forward, our family has had a rich history of working the land, developing over the years a passion for growing quality foliage. Jeremiah's son, Joseph Underhill, served in the Seminole Indian War and was awarded a 250-acre land grant for his military service. This land became our family homestead, and is just one block away from the birthplace of our father, Frank Underhill, Jr. and home to his parents when they were first married. Today, six consecutive generations of our family have farmed in this little community of Barberville that we call home.

Magnolia FarmIn 1936, Mary, who we know as Ganny and Frank E. Underhill Sr. started growing and supplying cut foliage to wholesale florists throughout the country. Years later, the helm of our business was taken over by Jean and Frank Underhill Jr. who through sheer hard work and a strong trust in the Lord created a successful enterprise. As time passed, their 4 children and spouses returned to work in the family business. Says Frank, "I began to believe that the business was God's gift to me and my family, and that we were meant to be stewards and caretakers for it".

Today, The Magnolia Company, which branched out in August of 2001, on the family farm site creates beautiful magnolia wreaths and decorations adorning residences and businesses across the country. Although Ganny is no longer with us, we will always remember her hand-tying each individual care card that was attached to our products.  Her stories of years gone by and words of wisdom and love inspire us to work hard and appreciate family, friends, and the opportunity to serve our customers. Mary Waugh always remember her saying "when times get tough, just get out in it and 'pull a weed' - and good times will come".

We at The Magnolia Company desire to continually expand upon our rich heritage of producing very high quality products through creativity, ingenuity and old-fashioned hard work. Being firmly rooted in these principles, we look forward to serving you in this tradition.


The Family
(from left to right)

Front Row Left to Right: Will, Kate, Mary, Ben
Back Row Left to Right: Julie, Frank, Jean, Matt

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