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How to Store Your Dried/Lacquered Wreath

January 24th, 2022

Ever since we first started The Magnolia Company, our Dried Magnolia Wreaths and Lacquered Wreaths have always been some of our best sellers. Many of our customers love them for their bright and beautiful designs, but others appreciate them for their ability to last for seasons to come. 

This past week we had a few customers reach out to us sharing photos of their dried and lacquered wreaths that were seven, thirteen, and fifteen years old! With proper care and storage, your wreath can thrive for years to come as well, which is why today we wanted to share how exactly to store your dried or lacquered wreath for future use.

Storing your wreath properly ensures you’ll get even more use out of your wreath. We’ve been crafting and storing wreaths for a while now so we wanted to let you in on the secret to owning wreaths for as long as some of our oldest customers. 

Keep Your Box for Safe Storage

Our boxes aren’t just created for a safe shipping experience, they’re also created with future storage in mind. If you can, we definitely suggest keeping your box so that you can store your wreath there when you’re not using it. If for some reason you can’t keep your box or you’ve already recycled it, there are wreath storage boxes you can purchase, like this latching wreath storage container from Target. We suggest a hard shell wreath container because our dried and lacquer wreaths are fragile, which means leaves can easily crack or break off if dropped or placed under something heavy.

Keep Dry

One of the most common mistakes we see our customers make with wreath storage is keeping them in a humid storage space or placing a wreath that got wet from outdoor use into a storage box before it’s completely dry. Water can not only cause discoloration and deformation, but it can even cause mold to grow. We suggest storing your wreath somewhere where it’ll be safe from any contact with water.

Handle Carefully

Like we mentioned earlier, dried magnolia leaves are fragile. When our fresh leaves dry they become brittle which means if you don’t handle your wreath with care, the leaves can crack and break. We suggest always lifting your wreath from the bottom when taking it out of the box and trying to avoid holding your wreath by the outer edges. You should always handle your wreath by the base of the wreath whenever possible. We also suggest keeping your wreath in a place where it won’t get knocked over or bumped into. Finally, if you ever move from one location to another, we also encourage you to handle your dried design carefully in your car rather than with a team of movers.

Overall, taking a little extra time to safely store your wreath each year can means years of extra use. We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about wreath care and please feel free to reach out with any questions by contacting us here or reading through our FAQs.

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