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"Fresh Hand-Crafted Gifts from our Farm"

Plumosus Salal Garland

We have been making garlands and accessories for decades here in Florida on our 4th generation family farm. With literally hundreds of acres of freeze protected luscious cut foliage crops to choose from the variety of combinations are virtually limitless. It is our hope to furnish you with the finest, freshest, hand-made products available on the market and yet at very competitive prices.
  · Cut fresh from the farm daily
  · Made by hand in the USA
  · Beautiful packaging
  · Care instructions included with each product
*Garlands are available in 10' - 250' lengths
Plumosus Salal Garland
Style #: W-PLUSAL
Length (Feet):

Style #: W-PLUSAL-XL
Length (Feet):

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