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Silver Pinecone Wreath

For a magical, icy, "straight out of a snowglobe" look without the sleet and sludge of snowstorms, we've created the perfect door decor! Natural pinecones star in this arrangement, arranged on a sturdy frame by our team with care. A shimmering silver glassy coating specially formulated to not run or fade gives the wreath its color and longevity. We're proud of our exceptional handmade quality, so with proper care and storage, you'll enjoy shiny woodland decor for years!
Please Note: Wreaths are handmade and may vary in size.
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Silver Pinecone Wreath

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    Silver Pinecone Wreath
    Silver Pinecone Wreath
    Sizing Guide
    Wreath Sizing Guide
    Based on a standard 36" door.
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