"Fresh Hand-Crafted Gifts from our Farm"

The Farm

Matt & Julie Roth
Matt Roth Co-Founder of The Magnolia Company and wife Julie.
Mary & Kate Roth in Magnolias
Sisters Mary and Kate

The Magnolia Company: Handcrafted

Behind the scenes overview of The Magnolia Company Farm from harvesting to assembling.

The Magnolia Company Family
There is nothing better than time shared with grandparents (Jean & Frank Underhill). Will, Kate, Mary and Ben smile for the camera before enjoying a meal together at the farm.

Gathered Around the Table

Matt & Julie Walking in Magnolia Tree Grove
Julie and Matt enjoying an afternoon walk in one of their favorite Magnolia groves.

The Magnolia Company Southern Magnolia Trees

THE MAGNOLIA COMPANY FARM is located in Central Florida where warm sunshine and frequent rain showers blanket our groves of gorgeous Southern Magnolia Trees. These two critical elements coupled with much care and attention given by our professional tree growing staff provides the foundation for producing beautiful magnolia trees. The outcome is simply crop after crop of vibrant magnolia leaves ready to be harvested.

Making Fresh Magnolia Wreath
Each stem is hand selected for the perfect combination of a deep green, glossy surface and a rich copper, velvet textured back. This rich contrast is the starting point to produce our wonderfully designed, hand-made decorations.
Hand Constructing Fresh Magnolia Wreath
Our professional staff are experts at hand constructing some of the finest decorations found anywhere.
Mary Underhill Waugh & Matt Roth
Mary Underhill Waugh and Matt Roth Co-Founders of The Magnolia Company pool their talents to create magnolia wreaths.

We are grateful to say that we have been creating our Magnolia products for 20 years.
The Magnolia Company Barn

This hand-made construction allows us to make designs that will dry beautifully and last for many seasons to come. After being packed with care in our barn, these designs will arrive to delight our clients with timeless, classic styles to be displayed in any living space.

The Magnolia Company
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