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Golden Cedar Garland

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Bounties of fresh cedars mix with beautiful green magnolia leaves to create the perfect backdrop for this holiday stunner! Pomegranates coated in rich gold and vibrant green layers mix with twigs and pinecones and golden flax. Don't miss this beautiful holiday magnolia garland this year!
Our magnolia garlands are made from fresh magnolia stems and will begin the drying process as it is exposed to different elements of temperature and humidity. We recommend using the garlands for one season only.
* Depending on temperature you can expect the following drying times:
  · 75-78 degrees indoor: 7-10 days
  · 50-70 degrees outdoor: 3 weeks
* Keep out of direct moisture and sunlight.
This handmade magnolia garland is created using the fresh cut stems from our magnolia tree farm. This grandiflora variety of magnolia is known for its lush green and velvety leaves. Throughout the late winter, spring and summer months our farmers care for these majestic magnolia trees applying just the right amount of nutrients necessary for optimal growth and color while using Best Management Practices to protect our Florida environment.
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Golden Cedar Garland
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Statement Garland!
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This is the most beautiful garland I have ever seen! It was packed perfectly and was fresh and sumptuous!! I will definitely be ordering it again next year!
Dear Elyse-
Thank you for your kind words in the review. We appreciate your business.
The beautiful magnolia leaves for our garlands are harvested right here on our local farm and handcrafted with pride and attention to detail. We are pleased we can meet your expectations and look forward to serving you in the future.
Kind Regards,
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