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The Original Magnolia Garland

Classic. Timeless. Tastefully unique and still fashionable. A true statement in elegance and handmade alternative to cheap plastic tinsel. Our fresh, best selling green & copper magnolia garlands are a hassle-free hang and bring instant style to your home decor. For the full look, pair with our signature matching wreath!
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The Original Magnolia Garland

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    The Original Magnolia Garland
    The Original Magnolia Garland
    The Original Magnolia Garland
    The Original Magnolia Collection
    Sizing Guide
    Garland Sizing Guide
    Door and panel measures approximately 69" wide by 85" tall. Two 10' garlands joined at center above door.
    Caring for Your Garland

    Our magnolia garlands are made from fresh magnolia stems and will begin the drying process as it is exposed to different elements of temperature and humidity. We recommend using the garlands for one season only.

    Depending on temperature you can expect the following drying times:
    75-78 degrees
    7-10 days
    50-70 degrees
    3 weeks
    Keep out of direct moisture and sunlight.
    Magnolia Garland 6’
    The garland arrived carefully packed and sealed in a moist plastic bag. The leaves were gorgeous and waxy green on one side and velvety copper on the other. So gorgeous with white fairy lights and displayed on the center island in my great room. Highly recommend!
    Verified Customer
    Hello Jane,
    We appreciate that you took the time to leave us a review. We love to hear how our garlands are so elegantly displayed, and would love to have a picture, if you have one. We are happy to hear that we met your expectations, and look forward to serving you again.
    After a problem with the original order, I emailed the company and received a response the next day. I was pleasantly surprised by this. Problem was rectified and received the magnolia garland quickly. It is beautiful, full, and on the mantel already. The product is great but the customer service is even better. That means more to me than anything. Wonderful company.
    We were amazed when we received the garland and the wreath at the quality and the freshness as well as the amount of leaves and integrity of the sewing together. A great value that will become an annual purchase !!
    Verified Customer
    Dear Kay,
    We are delighted to know you are so pleased with your magnolia wreath and garland. Our team of harvesters and artisans work diligently to insure our stems are of the highest quality. Thank you for taking time to write us this review. We look forward to serving you again.
    Magnolia garland
    I get my garland every year from you guys, and it never disappoints. It is always perfectly symmetrical and fresh. Lasts all season long!
    Verified Customer
    Hi Heather,
    We are delighted to know our garland is enjoyed throughout your holiday season. We appreciate you taking the time to write us a review. Your kind words are inspiring to our entire team!
    Have a blessed holiday.
    magnolia garland
    Beautiful! It was put together very well. The garland was packed well and didn't loose any leaves. I will buy again.
    Verified Customer
    Dear Susan -
    This is awesome news! Thank you for the kind words I and your business. We are glad to hear that we have earned your trust and business.
    We are committed to excellence, and we have proven with our dedication that we are a step above others. We take pride in cutting our product fresh from our small family farm and the artisans handcrafting each item for your specific order. We are very honored to be a part of your holiday décor and cheer.
    May you and your family have the best of the holiday season and a new year filled with blessings and good health.
    Kind Regards,
    Magnolia Garland-Exquisite
    We found The Magnolia Company while searching for magnolia garland for my daughter's upcoming wedding. We ordered the garland for my mantle at Christmas as a "trial run" to make sure we loved the product before placing such a huge order. The garland is GORGEOUS! Very well crafted and the colors are stunning. It is a live garland, cut from its source so it will dry over time. I have just spritzed mine from time to time and although drying out, it is doing so just beautifully! Will def be ordering our garlands from here for my daughter's wedding in September!
    Verified Customer
    Dear Sherri-
    We are very happy to hear that we passed the trial run. I can assure you that we are committed to excellence and the quality of our products can truly speak for itself. We take great pride in providing the freshest product cut directly from our family farm and handcrafted by our artisans for your beautiful decorating needs.
    We surely look forward to being a part of your daughter's special day and doing future business with you. We appreciate your business.
    Beautiful but Disappointing
    When I first received I was so pleased. Probably would be great for wedding or maybe outside fireplace. However I placed this on mantle in my living room only two weeks ago & it is drying out & beginning to not look like I had hoped throughout the Christmas season. It is impossible to light this garland without lights being unsightly. I placed the garland exactly like shown in Southern Lady magazine. I really don’t think it will Make Christmas. Leaves beginning to drop. I take great pride in my Christmas decorations but must say I’m dissatisfied with this great Southern traditional garland.
    Verified Customer
    Dear Ann-
    Thank you for taking the time to complete a review and provide feedback. We are committed to excellence and want to provide only top-quality products.
    Our garlands and wreaths are cut fresh from our farm daily and handcrafted each day to order from our specialty artisans. I have attached a couple of photos for reference. The first is a fresh mantel piece and the second is one that has dried as it should. I know that sometimes, the publications may not tell the full story or display the proper aging of these products. Here is a link to our site that has some very helpful information on the aging of our products.
    We thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your holiday décor. I am certain you can still have pride displaying these items along with your other gorgeous Christmas decorations the entire season through.
    Kind Regards.
    Perfect for our Southern Wedding
    We ordered several of the magnolia garlands (10 and 6ft) to drape across the center of our tables for our wedding, and wow -- they are show stopping. They arrived right on time perfectly fresh and full, and were the perfect height, color and addition to our southern wedding. We are now lifetime purchasers. Could not thank the Magnolia Company enough!!!
    Love this company
    I have purchased a garland or wreath yearly and always love the compliments I receive. The garland this year is beautiful and is aging nicely. It does seem that over the years they are becoming not as dense as they used to be. The garland is a wonderful value, however I would pay more to have thicker. Perhaps offer two circumference price points.
    Verified Customer
    Dear Dennis
    Thank you for your loyal business and we truly appreciate you.
    We are very honored to be a part of your annual holiday décor. I will give feedback to our production manager, to ensure that we are continuously providing the top quality products at a fair price point.
    Wishing you and your family a joyous and laughter filled Christmas.
    While the magnolia garland is beautiful, it would have been helpful to see the full picture of it - especially the ends. Had I known one end was tied, I would have purchased 2 so that it draped over my mantel - with the tied ends in the middle of mantel.
    Verified Customer
    Dear Maggie-
    Thank you for your recent purchase. We appreciate your business and your feedback.
    I am glad to hear that you liked the quality of our garland. I am sure you can tell the garland is handmade from the fresh product right here on our family owned farm. Every attention to the smallest detail has been made from our artists.
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a Joyous holiday season throughout.
    Original Magnolia Garland
    My garland was wired so only the backside (brown) of the leaf showed. The website picture shows a nice balance of leaves front and back. I tried to gently turn some of the leaves but many broke off.
    Verified Customer
    Dear Sophie-
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Our artisans handmake each wreath with great care, which adds to their uniqueness. Although they are usually close to the website picture, each one is unique and may differ. Please know that we seek out the highest quality items and regret that you were not pleased.
    We always try and encourage our customers to contact us directly with concerns or issues, so that we may attempt to make it right prior to the survey. However, I would like to still make this right for you and if you can contact me I can further discuss how we might make that possible.
    We appreciate your business.
    This is the best garland I have ever bought. I use to buy from a company in California but not any more. Exceptional!!!!! Will buy again for sure because it was so fresh and full.
    Verified Customer
    Full & Beautiful
    The Magnolia garland arrived quick and was packaged well. When I opened it I was amazed how full and beautiful it was. The leaves were colorful, garland was heavy but presented very well. I LOVE it. Highly recommend!
    Verified Customer
    Dear Dawn-
    Thank you for your kind words and your recent purchase. We appreciate your business.
    I know that you put a lot of thought into your décor and design choices. We are so very honored that our handcrafted garlands harvested from our family farm, could meet your expectations. We love to share stories just like this with our small staff. "How their hard work and efforts added to the beauty and elegance of a happy customer's holiday decorations".
    We truly look forward to serving you again .
    From our family to yours, may your holiday season be filled with love, happiness, joy and peace.
    Don’t use indoors for more than a day
    These did not work out well at all. We tied one to the bannister and one on the mantel but they started to dry out immediately. It is also structured like a big bouquet so the “stump”/starting end of the garland looks a little awkward on one side of the mantelpiece. So these are nice quality magnolia leaves, well put together but the site said it could last 4 years - it didn’t even make it 4 days. I looked up solutions online and spritzed with water, kept away from vents, heat - my house is only set at 66 and the pics all showed mantels and railings so I am confused. Will not do this again! Several comments said people used for weddings and for one day use these would be pretty.
    Verified Customer
    Dear Caroline-
    Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry that we were unable to meet your expectations.
    We are always trying to ensure that we provide the most accurate and detailed descriptions of all our products. We have always recommend our garlands for one season. It can be difficult, but we have had customers keep the dried garlands for more than a year. If you are able to share a screenshot of where you might have seen the incorrect information on the website, I would like to get that corrected promptly.
    To try and re-earn your trust and possibly keep your business. I am going to follow this reply with a discount on a future purchase. In hopes you would be more pleased with one of our other products, like a centerpiece or wreaths. The fresh wreaths will also naturally dry, and although they change, will remain beautiful and can in fact last for a very long time, maybe even years.
    We wish you and your family a happy holiday season.
    I ordered 3 magnolia garlands for the mantles at my daughters wedding. They were absolutely gorgeous, arrived on time and their customer service was outstanding when I needed to change the order slightly. The price was super reasonable. Will absolutely order again for the holidays.
    Amazing wedding decor!
    We used the 6 and 10-ft. original garlands to decorate our wedding reception, and they were BEAUTIFUL!! The fullness and freshness of the garlands exceeded my expectations, and the customer service was outstanding. When our garlands arrived early and we were worried they would begin drying before the wedding, I reached out and had an almost immediate response saying they would send us a new set of garlands in time for the wedding. They arrived on time and looked incredible! Thank you for such a wonderful product and service!
    The Original Magnolia Garland
    The Magnolia Garland exceeded my was full, lush and fresh!
    Wonderful supplier
    The quality of garlands and the sterling customer service the company offers each year is second to none. We wouldn't dream of Christmas without their magnificent magnolia garlands!
    Beautiful garland!
    Beautiful garland, sturdy and strong, holds up well!
    Magnolia garland
    Perfect and elegant. More then I expected.
    Magnolia garland
    This is a lovely garland! It was quite a bit thicker than expected and it covered my fireplace mantle beautifully! I hung a Magnolia wreath above it for a very elegant look.
    Verified Customer
    Original magnolia garland
    Beautifully crafted and looks great on my mantle. Will order again!
    Verified Customer
    Magnolia garland
    The garland arrived beautifully package and looked perfect as a centerpiece for our party. Definitely would order again and recommend highly to everyone. J
    Verified Customer

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