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Magnolia Elegance Swag

Uniquely designed to be coupled with the wreath of this collection, our fresh Magnolia Elegance Swag breathes liveliness and style into your holiday decor. The rich coffee colored underside of magnolia leaves, harvested daily from our family farm, provide a warm background for creamy button flowers and integrafolia. The emerald topsides of the leaves intermingle with gleaming burgundy ornaments for a festive color palette. A hand tied ribbon completes the swag, marking our iconic attention to detail.
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Magnolia Elegance Swag

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    Magnolia Elegance Collection
    Caring for Your Swag

    Our magnolia swags are made from fresh magnolia stems and will begin the drying process as it is exposed to different elements of temperature and humidity. It will maintain its shape and style for years but the leaves will change in color to a lighter shade of green.

    Depending on temperature you can expect the following drying times:
    75-78 degrees
    7-10 days
    50-70 degrees
    3 weeks
    Keep out of direct moisture and sunlight.
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