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Spring Meadow Wreath

Celebrate Spring with this dashing yellow wreath. Each wreath is handcrafted of olive and salal, accompanied by natural everlasting flowers and gold phylica. The bright colors are reminiscent of a blooming meadow, making it the perfect addition to uplift any indoor or outdoor space.
Please Note: Wreaths are handmade and may vary in size.
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Spring Meadow Wreath

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    Spring Meadow Wreath
    Caring for Your Wreath

    Your salal wreath was created using fresh leafy salal leaves. The exact shelf life will vary depending upon where you hang your wreath. Outdoors in warm and humid weather the leaves will dry faster curling slightly inwards. If hung inside, your wreath will dry slower taking on a lighter hue of green. This salal wreath will continue to add charm and delight to your indoor space for many years.

    Spring Meadow Wreath
    Lovely handsome statement of Spring on our front door. Conveys a warmth and creative message. I bought the larger size of this wreath for our daughter-in-law and it looks splendid on hercdoor in her upscale neighborhood.
    spring meadow
    the wreath arrived completely dried out and mis-shaped, this has never happened before.
    Verified Customer
    Good morning Susan,
    Thank you for the picture. Yes the wreath clearly arrived dried. It must have been delayed in shipping.
    We will make a new one today and ship to you.
    Thank you,

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