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Meyer Lemon Tree

Size: Approx. 20" - 25" tall
Our bright and beautiful lemon tree is one of our best-sellers. With its vibrant green leaves and refreshing fruit, lemon trees make a special gift. This tree can thrive indoors through the winter and outdoors in the spring and summer.
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Please Note: As with all things natural, working with Mother Nature means we can't guarantee our plants and trees will have fruit or blooms during the time of shipment. The lemon tree can take up to 2 years to mature and produce lemons. Once it has, this tree is a heavily fruiting plant and is sure to bring you beautiful lemons every year.
Meyer Lemon Tree

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    Meyer Lemon Tree

    Hardiness Zones 7-10

    The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is the standard by which gardeners and growers can determine which plants are most likely to thrive at a location.

    Mature Height
    8-10 ft
    Mature Width
    3-4 ft
    Meyer Lemon Tree
    We are so excited to receive our new Meyer Lemon Tree as a move in gift to our new home. However, similar problem to another reviewer that ours arrived without any care instructions. Please send some!
    Verified Customer
    Thank you for reaching out to us. I am so very sorry that you did not receive care instructions for your lemon. I do understand that is frustrating, and it is not up to our standards. I will attach them to this email for you.
    Please let me know if you have any further questions, or need anything else.
    Meyer Lemon Tree
    Received my Meyer lemon tree quickly in excellent shape and full of buds. It bloomed soon after receiving it and it’s now full of little lemons. Looking toward to watching them grow into mature lemons! Thank You Magnolia Co! I’m
    Verified Customer
    Hello Charlene,
    Thank you for the nice review you posted of the Myer Lemon Tree that you recently purchased. We hope that your tree produces lots of lemons for use in beverages and recipes. We appreciate your business, and your time.
    Thank you so much!
    Lemon tree
    Our Lemon tree gift arrived in great shape. The packging is very robust. Looking forward to growing and enjoying it. However, no instructions with the shipment. Plastic inner wrap on or off? Repotting required? Watering? Can it be out doors in none frost/freeze seasons? Will it survive full summer sun? Winter care in Zone 5? How large will it get. How long will it live? Thanks for your help.
    Verified Customer
    Hello Mike,
    Thank you for your kind words about our tree. We are glad to hear that it arrived in great condition. We do apologize that the instructions were not included. I am going to send you that information in another email.
    Gift for daughter
    My daughter recently moved to FL from NY and has become very interested in patio plants and trees. She absolutely loved the lemon tree and really enjoys watching the progress. I’m very happy with the purchase and happy to use a local small business. Thanks Magnolia Co!
    Verified Customer
    Dear Kathy,
    We are delighted to know your daughter is enjoying her lemon tree! I too am growing one on my front porch and I'm quite attached to the baby lemons. Our warm Florida sunshine really helps everything grow.
    You are right. We are a small family run-business, and we've been farming in this tiny town of Barberville since 1936. We appreciate your order and look forward to serving you again.
    No instructions
    Received the tree it is beautiful. But no instructions on how to care for it!
    Verified Customer
    Dear Joyce,
    I am so sorry you did not receive our care card for your Lemon Tree. I have attached a copy but can also mail one to you.
    Please send me your address and I will place it in the mail today. Lemon trees are easy to care for and soon you will have delicious lemons.
    We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again.
    Daughter-in-love’s Birthday
    I purchased this tree for my daughter-in-love. It arrived in a timely fashion and in great shape. She LOVED it! She hopes it will soon produce and she and my granddaughter will be able to make lemonade. How good is that???
    Verified Customer
    Got for Valentine’s Day
    This is such a beautiful tree in full bloom! I must say one of my favorite and most thoughtful gifts yet. So much better than flowers that are just going to die! Would have give 5 stars if it came with instructions and need requirements. I live in southern Michigan zone 6. Hoping to get the info I need so I don’t kill this! Also, is any part of this plant harmful to dogs if ingested?
    Verified Customer
    Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for the nice review you posted in reference to the recent myer lemon tree. You should have received a care card with each tree that includes instructions. So, I'll look into that to make sure Janelle can email you the care instructions
    In a zone six you will need to protect it from the cold. Many of our clients will keep the myer lemon tree growing indoors in a sunroom or south facing window through the winter. Then in the spring again they bring it to their patio where they can watch the lemons grow a beautiful ripe yellow color. There are no parts of this tree that can harm dogs or other animals.
    Thank you again and we appreciate you reaching out to us!
    Meyer lemon tree
    Arrived in perfect condition.(in Pa) No lemons, no buds, but healthy and full of greenery. I’d give 5 stars if it had buds. With that said, its a beautiful little tree!
    Verified Customer
    Dear Mark –
    Thank you for your recent purchase we appreciate your business.
    In many cultures the lemon tree is a sign of prosperity. I hope that you will find it to be a sign that you will continue to be blessed with a lot of love and happiness filled in your life.
    Although it does not currently have any buds, I assure you that when this does blossom, you will enjoy the very sweet and delicate aromatic blossoms that will fill the air. Meyer lemon trees start bearing fruit at different times, depending on how they were grown. It can start bearing fruit in as soon as two years but could take up to 3-5 years.
    Meyer lemon trees will fruit either indoors or outdoors once or twice a year, with especially abundant harvests in fall and winter.
    If your Meyer lemon tree is located outdoors, pollination should take care of itself. But if you have an indoor Meyer lemon tree—or an outdoor one that you bring inside during cold temperatures—you can assist with pollination. Take a paintbrush or cotton swab and ease it into the center of a Meyer lemon blossom and swirl it, collecting the pollen. Then, repeat the process with every other blossom on the tree.
    We hope that you can continue to enjoy this beautiful tree for years to come.
    Kindest regards,
    Perfect gift for my bro-in-law
    The lemon tree was wrapped perfectly and looked super healthy. Oh, and shipping was super fast! Very happy!
    Verified Customer
    Dear Kelly -
    Thank you for the kind words in the review. We are so very happy to hear that we were able to be a small part in spreading kindness and joy to others. We hope this birthday present brought smiles and happiness to their special day. May it continue to be a reminder of beautiful blessings throughout the entire year.
    We appreciate your business and are glad to hear that we could meet your expectations. I surely look forward to serving you again in the future.
    All the best,
    Lemon Tree
    I didn’t get a care cad and I don’t know deep to pot my new lemon Tree that was a gift or how big of a pot to go to or what Kind of fertilizer to use, it was sent tome I Jan as a birthday present it is a little over 3 ft,still in original container
    Verified Customer
    Dear Sandy-
    I am so sorry that the care tags were not included with your tree. I have attached the care and planting cards for you. I also included some extra tips and tricks to help with a successful lemon tree.
    May this Meyer Lemon tree continue to provide sunshine and joy for many years to come.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions or concerns.
    Great customer service
    I ordered a Meyer Lemon Tree for my mom for Mother's Day. Unfortunately, the tree arrived damaged. I contacted customer service and included pictures, and they promptly responded and are sending a replacement. I appreciated the prompt and helpful service.
    Verified Customer
    Hello Leandra-
    We strive for excellence in all that we do and we of course know how special this gift was meant for your mom. Thank you for allowing us to try and make this right for you and your mom.
    I hope that she will receive the replacement tree soon, and will enjoy it for years to come. May the sweet blossoms send joy and happiness in her heart with each breeze that will fill the air. It may take a couple of years to produce fruit, but I hope that it will be a beautiful tree that reminds both you and your mom of your beautiful relationship.
    The care card that is included with the tree is useful. I have attached some additional helpful information for the lemon tree for your reference.
    We appreciate your business. We encourage you to send pictures of the newly planted tree, maybe with you and your mom. 😊
    Kind Regards,
    Received as a gift
    How do you say your Beautiful tree as a memorial for my father. However it did not come with any green instructions. Any chance that I could receive those in an email?
    Verified Customer
    Dear Michele-
    I am sorry that you did not receive the care card or growing instructions that should have been attached to your tree. I have attached it for your review.
    Please let know if you have any other questions or concerns.
    Half Dead Meyer Lemon Tree
    I was so excited to get this tree for a mothers day gift I'd been researching how to pot and care for it for days before i ordered it because i wanted it to be the perfect gift. But it came today and I couldn't be more disappointed the leaves at the top of the tree are all dead, the tree itself looks nothing like the picture and is more just a single tall skinny sad half dead stick it has only the main stem with 0 other branches, the top of the tree appears to be cut off either to fit it in the box or to prune it? Im not sure. Just over all very disappointing and I will not be able to gift this this Sunday which sucks because this was a $89 gift. I was very skeptical of ordering a live plant online but the garden centers near me only had orange trees no lemons so after reading though countless reviews of different lemon tree sellers on amazon I came across a review of someone saying she was disappointed with the plant she got from that company because she had gotten one from this site that was perfect, bushy and already producing fruit. Clearly she had better luck then I did or it was a bot leaving reviews and I fell for it I don't know maybe its a great company and I just got dealt the skinny sad end of the stick I don't know. I took pictures of it and sent them to the company but haven't heard back yet. I wish there was a way to post them on here but I assume that maybe that is intentional. If i would've seen my tree as a picture in the reviews I wouldn't have ordered.
    Verified Customer
    Dear Makayla-
    I have called and left a voicemail as well, but I would like to first apologize. It is disheartening to hear that you were so disappointed with a tree that came from our farm. I know that with all your thought into this gift, it is very frustrating.
    We really strive for excellence in all that we do and our mission is to always provide top quality products and superb customer service. The tree you are describing is not to your expectations and definitely not to our standards. We appreciate your feedback, and this is truly what allows us to improve. I hope that you can give us the opportunity to make it right for you and correct this situation, so we may be able to hopefully re-earn your trust.
    I know it is beyond the day that you intended to present this special gift, however I know it will still be received with delight. I can offer many different options for a replacement tree, issue a credit, or refund.
    Thank you,
    Pleasantly surprised, both for me and for the recipient
    When I placed the order, the estimated arrival time was just less than a week - which was fine, but after the date of my sister's birthday, but that was fast enough shipping for a great gift. But even better, ordered it on a Thursday and it arrived on Saturday! We both were pleasantly surprised and she loves it!
    Verified Customer
    Dear Mari-
    Thank you for allowing us to be part of this special birthday present. We are very pleased to hear that we could meet your expectations.
    Wishing your sister a blessed and beautiful birthday and joy and happiness the entire year through.
    We appreciate your business.
    Kindest Regards,
    meyer lemon tree
    I am extremely disappointed in my delivery today. The leaves and young branches at the very top of the tree are completely dry and ready to crumble off. If they'd been at the bottom I would have been more understanding but this was meant to be a birthday gift in a few days and that's the part of the tree from which it should keep growing. I've taken pictures of it, but there seems to be no upload option available under these reviews.
    Verified Customer
    Good Afternoon Shirley-
    After speaking with you this morning, thank you for the opportunity to make this right for you.
    I again apologize, that it seems to have got weather damaged in the transit and delivery. I have in fact sent a replacement tree, below is the tracking number.
    We took the liberty to send it over night with no additional charge to you, however also understanding that FedEx is not guaranteeing their delivery. I just hope that it can arrive to you and for you to gift this to your mom as you had wished. I know that she will be very delighted with your thoughtful, caring and unique gift.
    Good afternoon Miss Maleena!
    I'm attaching the picture of the tree below as promised. I'm very grateful for your efforts in helping me to make this birthday present work! I was very impressed by your company's willingness to go above and beyond to fix things and how you reached out and will be sure to sing your praises appropriately. I can't wait to get the new tree and will of course keep you posted.
    Thank you again,
    S. Velazquez
    Revised Review-This company is awesome!
    I previously wrote a reviewed concerned that the Lemon Tree that I received as a gift was not as it should be as it had very few leaves and wasn’t as others had described. I was singly concerned it might not be healthy. Maleena responded to my review promptly and immediately offered to send a replacement. I sent her a picture of my tree and told her I didn’t need a replacement if the tree was healthy. Today, she responded back that my tree was healthy, but not up to their standards as far as fullness and growth, and would be sending me an additional tree. Awesome customer service and dedication to quality!! Know where my next gift to someone is coming from!!
    Verified Customer
    Always amazing!
    I have purchased several trees from this company i have always had awesome service and product. Would highly recommend!!
    Verified Customer
    Dear Kellie -
    Thank you for being a loyal customer. We appreciate your business.
    We are honored to know that we are a top choice in your thoughtful gift ideas. We strive for excellence and are pleased to know that we can meet your expectations. You have truly selected a unique and creative way to give a gift that will be treasured and keep giving for years to come with memories and growth.
    Tree doesn’t look hearty as others claim
    Received as a gift. After reading other reviews and seeing the picture of the tree on your site, not sure if I received a healthy plant or not. Mine came with one tall stem, held up by two stick supports and about 8-10 leaves. Nothing like the positive reviews claimed. Perhaps it is fine…just not the description that others gave of theirs and definitely not like the picture.
    Verified Customer
    Dear Debby -
    Thank you for completing a review. We know that the person who gifted this to you, put a lot of thought into this special gift for your birthday. I hope your birthday was amazing and filled wishing you a year filled with happiness.
    We stand behind all of our products and want to feel that you received a top quality tree. I am going to send you replacement tree. You may keep the original tree that was delivered, donate to a local horticulture / agriculture group or even a neighbor. I apologize that we may have fell short on our expectations and that this tree may have been below our standards.
    Please send me photos of your current tree, just for our records. I will also need your address too so I may process the replacement order. You can send those directly to me.
    This was my first time ordering. I sent a lemon tree to my sister out of state for Christmas. It arrived with no card, even though I requested one and typed out what it should say, and no care instructions. There was also confusion with the delivery date. It was just very awkward and embarrassing to have to call her to see if she received it. The joy of sending the gift lost its meaning.
    Verified Customer
    Dear MaryAnn-
    It saddens me to hear that you were disappointed in your purchase with us. Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction and the fact we did not meet your expectations is unacceptable. I understand that one of our representatives looked into the details of your order and confirmed that there was not a gift card message on order # 38195.
    After the order is placed, we do send an automatic order confirmation to your email for your review that would have also displayed the area for "gift message" was blank. I know with the holidays, on top of my normal hectic schedules, it is easy to overlook the details inside the email messages, especially for "order confirmations". I surely wish we would have had the opportunity to fix that prior to being shipped. Once the order is processed, we also send a confirmation of the tracking information to the same email. That may have been easier to see where the item was in the delivery process, expected, and actual delivery date.
    Again, I sincerely apologize for any confusion, the inconvenience and or embarrassment you may have felt. I hope that your sister was still delighted with the Meyer Lemon tree and felt your love and hugs from apart.
    As previously mentioned from the customer service rep that spoke with you, we still want the opportunity to make this right for you and possibly re-earn your trust. Please contact me directly to discuss what, if anything I can do to have you as a customer.
    Kind Regards,
    I received my tree last week. I ordered the medium and received a tall, strong stalk. It's full of branches and beautiful green leaves. I have repotted and placed it near a sunny window. I am so excited. I was hoping I would not be disappointed. Nicely packaged, healthy and no damaged branches. I cannot wait to see this beautiful tree blossom. Thank you.

    UPDATE: 10/19/21
    I've had the tree for about 3 weeks now. Absolutely beautiful. Bigger than I expected. Tall with healthy green leaves. I'm excited to see how it grows.
    Verified Customer
    Hello Gladys
    Thank you for your kind words in the review. We appreciate you.
    We are committed to excellence and so very happy that we could meet your expectations. You will of course continue to enjoy this beautiful tree, the wonderful light aroma of the blossoms and the amazing sweet fruit that will bring joy to your senses.
    May you have a beautiful day!
    Best Gift Ever
    I sent a birthday/housewarming gift of the Birthday Meyer Lemon Tree Bundle, to a good friend of mine. The tree arrived quickly and in perfect condition. She sent me a picture of the "new baby", and said it's the best gift ever!
    Verified Customer
    Dear Beverly -
    Thank you for your completing a review. We appreciate your business.
    Your friend, I am sure, is going to enjoy the Meyer Lemon Tree for many years to come. This beautiful gift will provide that little bit of sunshine, year round. She will enjoy the light sweet scent of the blossoms, and the fruit that it will produce, and reminisce of the two of you laughing and enjoying some great memories. You made a perfect choice!
    We are honored to be a part of your "best gift ever"!
    Kind Regards,
    Perfect new addition to the greenhouse
    When our friends mentioned they were building a new green house for their home we immediately looked to the Magnolia Company for something unique. The lemon tree was just the ticket for our "Florida" friends at their North Carolina summer home
    Verified Customer
    Hello Randy-
    Thank you for your business. We appreciate your continued patronage.
    The Meyer Lemon tree is an absolute perfect gift for any occasion. Not only will they enjoy the light sweet fragrance year round, but the sweet delicate citrus fruit that is not too sour, is also a delight in many recipes.
    We enjoy spreading your kindness and are honored to be a part of your very thoughtful gifts.
    Truly grateful,
    Perfect Lemon Tree
    I recieved the lemon tree a little over a week ago and it's doing well. It arrived very thoughtfully packaged, all leaves intact. I can't tell how long it will take to mature but it's growing so I'm happy! Excellent purchase, would try other trees and plands from Magnolia again. Also I loved the magnolia leaf in the card - such a nice touch!
    Verified Customer
    Thank you valued customer for contacting Seeds of Life with your review.
    We hope you had very happy birthday and are glad that we got to be just a small part of the celebration with the Lemon Tree that was gifted to you . The lemon will really thrive when planted in full sun. There are directions on each tree to make sure that our clients plant the trees correctly. It can however take up to 3 years to bear fruit. I have seen it bloom a lot sooner too, but just so you are aware.
    Wishing a happy year to come!
    First Mother’s Day
    We sent this as a gift to our daughter in law for her first Mother’s Day. She loved it and said how beautiful the packaging was the tree came with care instructions. This was not the first time we have purchased from your company and won’t be the last! Each and every time your line of products exceed our expectation!
    Verified Customer
    Not like the picture & damaged in shipping
    I just bought this tree for my mom for Mother's Day and the top of the tree was badly damaged in shipping, it was wilted, and the leaves have what looks like powdery mildew. It also does not look like the image above. It has one stem and no branching. It is very spindly. It also came with the wrong ribbon. I ordered the green ribbon and got a pink/orange/purple striped ribbon that I do not like. Not worth the almost $90 I spent.
    Verified Customer
    Good Afternoon Katie,
    Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us and let us know how your experience was. We strive each day to do our best for our customers and sincerely apologize that we fell short with your gift for your Mom.
    We will be happy to send a new tree with the correct color ribbon to her. The tree will be quality checked for broken stems, any powdery substances, and brown leaves before it is packaged for shipment. This tree will also be a single stem lemon tree as that is how this crop has started off. They will, however, start to flourish and branch off as they become more mature. Each crop of our lemon trees are unique and healthy.
    Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. With your permission, I will send the tree right away.
    Thank you,
    Karen Christopher
    Hi Karen,
    Thank you so much!! Yes that would be wonderful.
    I'm so thankful for your quick response. Have a great day!
    Tree doesn't look anything like the picture
    I researched several sites to purchase a Meyer Lemon Tree & chose to order here due to the picture & several reviews saying they received a tree that was something more than a skinny stick trunk with some leaves sticking out of it, which is what BOTH of my trees look like. Neither of my trees looked like the pictures & look like all the other sites I could've ordered from. Add to that one of my 2 trees was so severely abused in transit, the support pole was broken & the dirt around my trees was severely loosened, which I know is not the fault of the seller, but is, I believe, important to understand the trees are damaged in transit.
    Verified Customer
    Hello Kellie,
    I am very sorry that your tree did not arrive in good condition. Please send me your address, and I will be happy to send you two more trees.
    I love my lemon tree it was a great idea for a birthday gift
    Verified Customer
    I sent this to my Step Mother for her birthday, she has a connection to the name Meyer, and it was the perfect gift. It arrived well packaged, the little tree was in great shape with green leaves and had a visible little Lemon bud on it within a week to two - it was lovely 🍋
    Verified Customer
    Anniversary Present
    Came today looking so healthy and quite a few very fragrant flowers. Looks like I picked it up at a nursery. Will recommend this to all my friends.
    Verified Customer
    Making Lemonade During a Lemon Time
    I have always waned a Lemon Tree. I stumbled upon The Magnolia Company after receiving a related email. I went to their website and fell in love with their little Birthday Meyer Lemon Trees. This little tree brightens my staying-at-home days. And the customer support for my questions has been great.
    Verified Customer
    Birthday surprise .
    Sent this to my mom for her birthday. She was thrilled! It was packaged beautifully and she wasted no time to pot it and put outside with her other plants. She sent pictures to all of her friends!
    Verified Customer
    Perfect Mother's Day Gift
    We bought this as a Mother's Day gift for my mom. She is not easy to get gifts for, (in fact, she has even told us to return some right when she opened them) but this was perfect. She LOVES this little tree. If you can provide the supportive atmosphere that it needs, I would HIGHLY recommend this gift. I had many questions and the company was so great. Patient, kind and knowledgable. Thank You!!
    Verified Customer
    Mother's Day gift
    Gifted this lemon tree to my mother in law and she loved it, it arrived on time as well
    Verified Customer
    The perfect gift!
    I have always wanted a lemon tree and was thrilled to receive one for mothers day! The tree was delivered quickly and packaged with care, it came beautifully wrapped in burlap with a bow and care instructions. I loved it so much I purchased one for my mother! I am very excited and look forward to lots of lemons in the years to come!
    Verified Customer
    Birthday and Mother’s Day
    It is absolutely beautiful and so green! Arrived packaged very nicely and professionally. Instructions complete and a beautiful card from my daughter. It is a wonderful gift I will treasure . Meyer lemons are the best!
    Verified Customer
    One of the best gifts to receive!
    I received this as a gift and loved everything from how it was carefully packaged to the pamphlets and beautiful branding making opening it very exciting. I can’t wait to give this plant extra love and care ❤️
    Verified Customer
    I ordered a lime tree and received a lemon tree. I called the company and the person apologized and said they would ship a replacement immediately. The replacement arrived in two days and it was another lemon tree. Other than the wrong order the service was quick and professional but somebody in shipping is having a hard time with instructions. It just wasn’t meant for me to have a lime tree.
    Verified Customer
    Healthy gorgeous plant, handled with care
    My friend was delighted with this lemon tree. She mentioned it was boxed extremely well with not a stick out of place. Described as a "lovely healthy beauty." And had a pretty ribbon and card for the occasion.
    Verified Customer
    Well, this didn't work out as I hoped. I purchased the Meyer Lemon indoor tree as a gift for a bridal shower. I knew I was going to be traveling for work the week leading up to the shower, so I called The Magnolia Company well in advance and asked for guidance on how to place the order to ensure it didn't arrive too early. The gal I spoke to told me to put a note in my instructions when I checked out and they'd make sure to ship it accordingly. Unfortunately, my note was ignored and the order delivered much earlier than anticipated. With nobody to care for it while I was out of town, it was in really rough shape by the time I got home from my conference. I had to scramble to come up with a backup gift. :( I did reach out to customer service when I learned that it was going to deliver 4 days earlier than I asked, and they did not offer any apologies or solutions.
    Verified Customer
    Hi Sarah,
    Thank you so much for contacting us. I apologize your lemon tree did not arrive according to your requested ship date. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and clearly we made a mistake. I will be more than happy to issue a discount off your tree or if needed I can replace it as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns.
    Maria Jaimes
    Lemon Tree
    I had an issue and contacted customer service. They were very helpful.
    Verified Customer
    It's a beautiful, healthy looking plant loaded with blossoms that smell divine. It arrived in a November chill carefully packed and seemingly unaffected by the cold. I've only had it for about a week and a half but I have high hopes for this to produce fruit although it will never see the outdoors, but only a sunny New York window!
    Verified Customer
    My sister loved it!
    It was a birthday gift for my dear sister and she loved it.
    Verified Customer

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