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All Green Magnolia Wreath

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The All Green Magnolia Wreath is fresh cut off the family farm and handmade leaf by leaf to reveal the glossy green sides of our beautiful magnolia leaves. A best-seller every year.
Harvest Method - Grown with much care and attention to needs of each tree. All stems and branches are hand selected and cut for premium color and freshness.

Wreath Contents - Beautiful copper and green stems grown on our farm. Southern Magnolia trees are known to sprout leaves with a rich copper colored and velvet textured back and a deep glossy, green front side.
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All Green Magnolia Wreath
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gerry crouh
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My all green Magnolia wreath arrived in perfect condition, even before it's delivery was promised, ready to hang. It is so beautiful, and so natural. I added a big red ribbon and it is the picture of Southern hospitality. I'll get another next year.
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