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Fresh Golden Woodlands Wreath

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This fresh holiday wreath is natural and warm with loads of elegance for this holiday season. Fresh copper & green magnolia leaves are accented with gold pinecones, feathers, shimmering twigs and gold pomegranates. Gold lacquered magnolia leaves are nestled in the mix of this beautiful magnolia wreath. Don't miss this gorgeous collection this holiday!
Our magnolia wreaths are made from fresh magnolia stems and will begin the drying process as it is exposed to different elements of temperature and humidity. It will maintain its shape and style for years but the leaves will change in color to a lighter shade of green.
* Depending on temperature you can expect the following drying times:
  · 75-78 degrees indoor: 7-10 days
  · 50-70 degrees outdoor: 3 weeks
* Keep out of direct moisture and sunlight. Once dried, your wreath can be used for future seasons. We recommend removing any fresh greens (cedars and firs) and then place in the sturdy two piece gift box provided. Be sure to place in a temperature controlled room.
Our magnolia wreaths are handmade from magnolia stems grown on our magnolia farm in Florida. Careful attention is given to our magnolia groves to insure their sustainability and beauty. Once the stems are harvested our team of artisans create the magnolia wreath base.
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Fresh Golden Woodlands Wreath
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24" Fresh Golden Woodlands Wreath
This is my third experience with the Magnolia Company, I've ordered wreaths, and holiday mantle arrangements for family gifts dating back to 2009. Your products really dry well and LAST for years! The sturdy boxes they arrive in are perfect for storage. This year I ordered quite a number of wreaths - for all of our family members that we cannot see during the pandemic. EVERYONE was thrilled with the design and the quality of their wreath - even the enclosed gift message was beautifully presented. Thank you!! I will be back again in the future!
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