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Eucalyptus Rain Wreath

Without spring showers, you cannot have blooming flowers! Welcome Spring with our refreshing Eucalyptus Rain wreath. Handcrafted using a bountiful mix of fresh fragrant eucalyptus, natural olive, salal, enchinops and wild berry flax. Sure to add a little splash of joy to your home.
Please Note: Wreaths are handmade and may vary in size.
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Eucalyptus Rain Wreath

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    Caring for Your Wreath

    Your salal wreath was created using fresh leafy salal leaves. The exact shelf life will vary depending upon where you hang your wreath. Outdoors in warm and humid weather the leaves will dry faster curling slightly inwards. If hung inside, your wreath will dry slower taking on a lighter hue of green. This salal wreath will continue to add charm and delight to your indoor space for many years.

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