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Little Gem & Berries Wreath

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Warm touches of holiday red berry are mixed with fresh Carolina sapphire and miniature pinecones. Textured grandiflora and little gem magnolia leaves fresh from the farm are handcrafted to create a new holiday favorite!
Our magnolia wreaths are made from fresh magnolia stems and will begin the drying process as it is exposed to different elements of temperature and humidity. It will maintain its shape and style for years but the leaves will change in color to a lighter shade of green.
* Depending on temperature you can expect the following drying times:
  · 75-78 degrees indoor: 7-10 days
  · 50-70 degrees outdoor: 3 weeks
* Keep out of direct moisture and sunlight.
Harvest Method - Grown with much care and attention to needs of each tree. All stems and branches are hand selected and cut for premium color and freshness.

Wreath Contents - Beautiful copper and green stems grown on our farm. Southern Magnolia trees are known to sprout leaves with a rich copper colored and velvet textured back and a deep glossy, green front side.
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Little Gem & Berries Wreath
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Absolutely Lovely
I ordered 5 of these wreaths as gifts along with the personalized wreath hanger. They were absolutely beautiful with their green & rust colored leaves & the touch of red berries. Each wreath came extremely well packaged so no damage to deal with & the personalized wreath hanger was included in the box. The quality of these wreaths exceed expectations. They were a HUGE hit with all recipients and are now drying into a lovely accent for their homes. The Magnolia Company has definitely earned a repeat customer!
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Why I order all my wreaths from the magnolia co.
I usually order the classic magnolia wreath for Christmas.This year I thought I try the Little Gem&Berries wreath.It arrived and was really beautiful.The workmanship on these wreaths is really special.I ordered the Turkey&Pheasant wreath for the fall.The feathers and magnolia leaves really made this wreath special. I wouldn't order my wreaths from anywhere else!
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Verified Buyer
I ordered this wreath for Christmas. I have it in my home and it is beautiful. I order from The Magnolia Company all the time and have never been disappointed.
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